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kresťanská demokracia

Koniec kresťanskej demokracie?

Jan-Werner Muller píše pre americký magazín Foreign Affairs, kde analyzuje vývoj a súčasný stav „kresťanskej demokracie“, napr. nasledovne: It wasn’t until after World War II that Christian Democratic parties fully freed themselves from the Vatican and took a leading role in constructing the postwar European order. The circumstances could hardly have been more propitious. Fascism and the war had discredited competing movements on the right. And Christian Democrats were seen as the quintessentially Atlanticist and anticommunist parties in countries such as Italy, West Germany, and other frontline states of the Cold War. Moreover, they now endorsed democracy, though with a caveat: to avoid drifting into totalitarianism, they argued, democratic governments needed to have spiritual underpinnings — something best supplied by… Čítať viac »Koniec kresťanskej demokracie?

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