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Blindside | There Must Be Something In The Wind

There must be something in the wind
That wants me to die
To leave all of this behind
To let go of the chains and let them fall

It’s like I’ve always known
I still don’t know who you are
And I can hear the thunder roaring
From a distance

And it’s me on the shoreline
Slowly but surely
You’re moving closer
And your pushing the water
Yeah you’re pushing the water

Please come
Wash over me

Waves arrive like thunder
I’m not scared to end up under
Wash away my heartache that’s creeping in
I’m not scared to lose my skin

Verse 2:
Oh the sky is electric tonight
My savior for myself
Is on the move
A long lost love
My redeemer
Come and remind me

The curse is broken
Heavy burdens are lifted up
And my soul is as light as a feather
In your storm

I’m waiting for you
I always have


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