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Andy Carling & Ján Figeľ

Andy Carling, pravdepodobne nejaký britský novinár, prostredníctvom svojho microblogu zhodnotil Jána Figeľa celkom výstižne. Nie?

6 thoughts on “Andy Carling & Ján Figeľ”

  1. Who is who ?
    Who is Andy Carling?

    I am an expat, living in Brussels with my partner. I’m English, but when people ask, I tell them that I’m recovering well from it.

    Before Brussels I lived in the English Lake District, where I worked for the National Trust. I climbed a lot of mountains, fell off a couple of them and traveled widely. After Cumbria, I was offered a job for a British NGO in Tanzania, where I happily lived in the bush for a few years.

    Dealing with strange and unusual cultures and a crumbling infrastructure was an excellent preperation for life in Belgium.

    I’ve been designing websites since 1997 and blogging from 2000.

    Andy Carling

  2. Vyzera dost kvalitne a aj post je kvalitne napisany. Uvazujem o jeho kupe a pozeram teraz rozne clanky na nete a myslim, ze som sa prave rozhodol. Dakujem!

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